Vol 9, No 3,4 (2007)

Table of Contents


A Design Approach to FDI/FTC of Complex Networked Control Systems PDF
J. Sa da Costa, B. M. S. Santos, M. J.G.C. Mendes 3-11
Membrane Differential Petri Nets for Performance Modelling of Hybrid P-Systems PDF
Emilian Gutuleac, Mihai L. Mocanu, Iurie Turcanu 12-21
Dynamic Control of a Flow-Rack Automated Storage and Retrival System PDF
Khalid Hachemi, Hassane Alla 22-29
Design Method for the Control of Systems in Fault Conditions PDF
Eugen Iancu, Matei Vinatoru 30-35
Invariant Sets with Arbitrary Time-Dependence in the Dynamics of Linear Systems with Interval-Type Uncertainties PDF
M.H. Matcovschi, O. Pastravanu, M. Voicu 36-42
Solutions for Modeling and Control in Mobile Robotics PDF
Mircea Nitulescu 43-50
Fault Isolation Based on Wavelet Transform PDF
Suzanne Lesecq, Sylviane Gentil, Ioana Fagarasan 51-58
Advanced Procedures for Bond Graph Model Adaptation PDF
Anca-Maria Pirvu, Genevieve Dauphin-Tanguy, Philippe Kubiak, Dumitru Popescu 59-66
Model Reference Adaptive vs. Learning Control for the Inverted Pendulum.A Comparative Case Study PDF
Adrian-Vasile Duka, Stelian Emilian Oltean, Mircea Dulau 67-75
Off-Line Method for Improving Robustness of Model Predictive Control Laws PDF
Cristina Stoica, Pedro Rodríguez-Ayerbe, Didier Dumur 76-83