Vol 11, No 2 (2009)

Table of Contents


New Direct Torque Neuro-Fuzzy Control Based SVM for Dual Two Level Inverter-Fed Induction Motor PDF
R. Toufouti, S. Meziane, H. Benalla 3-13
Semi-Heterarchical Distributed Control of a Holonic Manufacturing Cell PDF
Theodor Borangiu, Silviu Raileanu, Andrei Rosu, Mihai Parlea, Silvia Anton, Florin D. Anton 14-21
Pseudo Bond Graph Modelling of Some Prototype Bioprocesses PDF
Monica Roman, Eugen Bobasu, Emil Petre, Dan Selisteanu, Dorin Sendrescu 22-29
Maximum Power Point Tracking for Small Scale Wind Turbine with Self-Excited Induction Generator PDF
Marton Ors 30-34
An H Infinite Filtering Problem for Systems With State-Dependent Noise PDF
Adrian-Mihail Stoica 35-42
Control Synthesis for Manufacturing Systems Using Non-Safe Petri Nets PDF
A. I. Vasiliu, A. Dideban, H. Alla 43-50
Security Analysis at Architectural Level in Embedded Software Development PDF
Liliana Dobrica, Radu Pietraru 51-58
Three Lectures on Neutral Functional Differential Equations PDF
Vladimir Rasvan 59-63