Vol 26, No 1 (2024)

Table of Contents


Comparative Analysis of Dual Source DC/DC converter Topologies for Improved Performance in Integration of Hybrid Energy Sources PDF
Hamsa Varthini 3-14
Performance Analysis of Front-end Push-Pull Converter in a Single-Phase Inverter for Battery Current Ripple Reduction PDF
R Jeyaraman, C. N Ravi 15-24
Virtual navigation of mobile robot in V-REP using hybrid ANFIS-PSO controller PDF
BRAHAMI Amal 25-35
Static Wheels in Fast Sieves PDF
Mircea Ghidarcea, Decebal Popescu 36-43
Design of a Database and Modules for IoT-Based Data Exchange in Herd Management Systems PDF
Kamil Aykutalp GÜNDÜZ, Fatih BASC?FTC? 44-52
Adaptive Finite-time Attitude Tracking Control for Solar Sail with State-dependent Torque Saturation PDF
Liping Wu, Lu Wang, Zhihao Zhu 53-63
D-Resnet: Deep Resnet based approach for ECG classification PDF
Sahar Boulkaboul, Samira Bouchama, Syfax Kasser, Belkacem Ait Si Ali 64-71
Multi-Grained feature aggregation based on Transformer for unsupervised person re-identification PDF
Zhongmin Liu, Changkai Zhang 72-82
Fault Detection Method based on Incrementable Laplacian Eigenmaps and Normal Space PDF
Liwei Feng, Yu Xing, Shaofeng Guo, Yifei Wu, Guozhu Wang, Yuan Li 83-92
Design and Implementation of a Prototype Sunflower-Type Photovoltaic System PDF
Javier Eduardo Martinez Baquero, Walter Naranjo Lourido, Luis Alberto Contreras Acosta, Wilver Stivenson Arana Pérez 93-102