Vol 25, No 2 (2023)

Table of Contents


An Automaton and Super-Twisting Sliding-Mode Control for Wall Following PDF
Edgar Martinez, Rafael Murrieta-Cid, Hector Becerra 3-12
Study on Fuzzy Sliding Mode Active Disturbance Rejection Control Method for Horizontal Vibration of High-Speed Elevator Car System PDF
Qinghua Ge, Lulu Zhang, Hua Li, Qin He, Ruijun Zhang 13-24
Extension of the clustering identification by extending the Density Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise approach to Multi-Input Multi-Output Piece Wise Affine systems: Application to an industrial robot PDF
Zeineb Lassoued, Kamel Abderrahim 25-34
Efficient Trajectory Planning and Tracking Control for Underactuated Crane PDF
Xinyu Long, Mingwei Sun, Zengqiang Chen 35-43
High Voltage Power Line Transient Fault Analyzing and Modelling PDF
Marius Fisca, Mihail Ioan Abrudean, Vlad Muresan, Mihaela Ligia Unguresan 44-51
Supercapacitor module quality prewarning based on the improved whale optimization algorithm and GM (1,1) gray prediction model PDF
Baochen Liu, Xiaobang Sun, Conghao Liu, Jun Xiang 52-59
Robust Path Planning Of Obstacle Avoidance For Unmanned delivery robot PDF
Mushu Wang, Xingxue Dong, Weigang Pan, Song Gao, Shuxin Wang 60-71
Linked Data Semantic Distance with Global Normalization for evaluating Semantic Similarity in a Taxonomy PDF
Anna Formica, Francesco Taglino 72-82
Prediction-based Optimization of Service Capacity with Robotic Process Automation PDF
Radu Florin Negoita, Theodor Borangiu, Silviu Raileanu 83-92