Vol 25, No 1 (2023)

Table of Contents


Fixed time control based on finite time observer for Buck converter system with load disturbance PDF
xiaolong tian, fazhan tao, zhumu fu, nan wang, shuzhong song 3-11
A reduced-order observer based LQR control method for Roll-to-Roll systems PDF
Zhanpeng He, Zhihua Chen, Xueqin Huang, Dong Ma 12-20
Polytopic LPV Model-Based Control Design for Hypersonic Vehicle in the Morphing Phase PDF
Xinyi Gou, Xiaoyu Zhang, Shuo Lv, Langfu Cui, Qingzhen Zhang 21-29
Data-driven Iterative Learning Queuing Length Control Based on Vehicle-road Coordination Systems PDF
Biao Hong, Rui Wang, Xuhui Bu 30-39
Event-Triggered Neuro-Adaptive Cooperative Control for Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems with Full State Constraints and Prescribed Performance PDF
Meirong Zheng, Jing Hu 40-48
Fast Coordinate Descent Augmented Lagrangian Methods for linearized MPC PDF
Liliana Maria Ghinea, Daniela Lupu, Marian Barbu, Ion Necoara 49-58
Empirical analysis of IEEE 754 and Posit in statistical methods PDF
Stefan Dan Ciocirlan, Ebru Resul, Razvan Victor Rughinis, Mihnea Vrejoiu 59-68
Smart Emergency Charging of Electric Vehicle with Solar PV-based Backstepping Model-Free and critic RL Control Structure PDF
K Karthikeyan, P Anitha, K KarthikKumar, A S Kamaraja 69-78
Fault Tolerant Attitude Estimation Strategy for a Quadrotor UAV under Total Sensor Failure PDF
Nasri Boualem, Guessoum Abderrezak, Adnane Akram, Mostefai Lotfi 79-89
Waypoint Tracking Control for a Quadrotor based on PID and Reinforcement Learning PDF
Xurui Bao, Zhouhui Jing 90-100
Modelling and Control of the 18O Isotope Separation Plant PDF
Marius Fisca, Mihail Abrudean, Vlad Muresan, Mihaela Ligia Unguresan, Iulia Clitan, Roxana Cordos, Cristina Stancioi 101-112