Vol 24, No 2 (2022)

Table of Contents


A Comparative Study of Adaptive Cruise Control System based on Different Spacing Strategies PDF
Duc Lich Luu, Ciprian Lupu, Hamid Alshareefi 3-12
Flexible Joint Robot Manipulators Control Method of Fish Swarm Algorithm and Adaptive Inverse Control PDF
Yuan Xu, Miao Yu, Ying Li 13-23
Multi-objective scheduling of wounded rescue vehicle for multi-center collaborative rescue after earthquake PDF
Siyun Zeng, Shuoyan Weng, Chong Ye 24-34
Adaptive Variable Impedance Control for Multi-axis Force Tracking in Uncertain Environment Stiffness with Redundancy Exploitation PDF
Muhammad Bilal, Muhammad Nadeem Akram, Mohsin Rizwan 35-45
A real-time 3D centerline estimation framework for multi-section soft manipulator based on stereo vision PDF
Shuangquan Zou, Yueyong Lyu, Qinghua Guan, Liwu Liu, Guangfu Ma 46-56
Optimal ANFIS-FOPID with back-stepping Controller design for wheeled Mobile Robot control PDF
Rafik Euldji, Noureddine Batel, Redha Rebhi, Mohamed Redha Skender 57-68
Improved BP network based sliding model tracking control for a quadrotor UAV PDF
Qiang-wei Pang, De-shi Wang, Wei Wu, Ye Chen, Yong-yong Zhu 69-79
Reliable Tracking Control of Dynamic Positioning Ships Based on Aperiodic Measurement Information PDF
Guoquan Chen, Yongfeng Suo, Minjie Zheng, Shenhua Yang, Lina Li 80-89
LiDAR-Based Online Navigation Algorithm For An Autonomous Agricultural Robot PDF
Nguyen Thanh Dang, Le Van Hung, Nguyen Tan Luy 90-100