Vol 23, No 4 (2021)

Table of Contents


RLS Estimation of Uncertainties in the Model Parameters and Decentralized Adaptive PI controller Using PSO for Chemical Multivariable Coupled System PDF
Ibrahim El Khalil MEKKI, Maarouf SAAD 3-12
Modeling a Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Robustness Analysis of Different Controller Designs under Parameter Uncertainty and Noise Disturbance PDF
Mehmet Karahan, Cosku Kasnakoglu 13-24
Detection and Classification of Anomalies in IP Communications Networks PDF
George-Radu Floristean, Andreea Udrea 25-32
Optimized Sliding Mode Regulation based on PSO Algorithm for Nonlinear DFIG-WT PDF
OMAR BUSATI ALZAIN, Xiangjie Liu, Xiaobing Kong 33-45
A Think-Globally-Act-Locally-Based Method of Maximally Permissive Liveness-Enforcing Supervisors for Flexible Manufacturing Systems PDF
Chengzong Li, Yufeng Chen, Shaofeng Zhong, Murat Uzam, Zhiwu Li, Naiqi Wu, Mingjun Zhang 46-56
A fault tolerant control for nonlinear systems with simultaneous actuator and sensor faults. Application to a CSTR PDF
Sana BZIOUI, Rafik CHANNA 57-68
R-step Relative Copredictability of Decentralized Failure Prognosis in Discrete-Event Systems PDF
zhao rui, Fuchun Liu 69-77
Energy Efficient Location-Based Trust, and Key Management for Sensor Networks based on Advanced Hybrid Multi-Level Clustering Ant Colony Optimisation Algorithm PDF
S.Sudha Mercy, Dr. J.M. Mathana, J.S.Leena Jasmine 78-85
Nonlinear Model Predictive Speed Control with Variable Predictive Horizon for PMSM Rotor Position PDF
Yao Wei, Yanjun Wei, Shuo Yuan, Hanhong Qi, Xiaoqiang Guo, Mengyuan Li 86-94
Medical Information System for Classification of Diabetes Mellitus Using Layered Neural Network PDF
Sonia Raman, Uma Maheswari B, Rajakumar M.P, Ramya J 95-104