Vol 23, No 3 (2021)

Table of Contents


Multi-model based robust LPV-Hinfinity control and observation design of non linear multivariable three tank system PDF
Bilal Sari, Fateh Bait 3-14
Robust finite time extended state observer design for a class of systems with time-varying disturbances PDF
Yaobin Yue, Yanfeng Geng, Weiliang Wang, Kwangho KIM 15-23
Stability Analysis and Region in control parameter space of thermal system with constant delays PDF
Sathish Babu Pandu, Santhanakrishnan T, Senthil Kumar C, Sundarabalan C K, Venkatachalam V 24-31
Two-step modeling method of inverted pendulum considering Coulomb friction based on Lagrange equation and its model predictive control PDF
jianwei Wu 32-41
Mean-square delay-distribution-dependent exponential synchronization of discrete-time Markov jump chaotic neural networks with random delay PDF
Quan Hai 42-52
An energy-efficient buffer management scheme based on data integrity and multivariate data reduction for wireless sensor networks PDF
Hassan Almahdi Alwasef 53-61
Self-Adaptive Stabilization Control of a Rotary Pendulum using Nonlinearly-Scaled Model-Reference Gain-Adaptation Law PDF
Omer Saleem Bhatti, Fahim Gohar Awan, Samia Mahmood, Sheroze Liaquat, Hamza Yousuf 62-75
LTL Task Decomposition for 3D High-Level Path Planning PDF
Sofia Hustiu, Ioana Hustiu, Marius Kloetzer, Cristian Mahulea 76-87
A Deep Reinforcement Learning Methods based on Deterministic Policy Gradient for Multi-Agent Cooperative Competition PDF
Xuan Zuo 88-98