Vol 21, No 4 (2019)

Table of Contents


On the Stability of Nonlinear Minimum Variance Control for a Second-Order Volterra Series Model PDF
mohammad ali nekoui, leila mehri, ali khaki-sedigh 3-11
Evaluation and Classification of the Brain Tumor MRI using Machine Learning Technique PDF
R Pugalenthi, M.P Rajakumar, J Ramya, V Rajinikanth 12-21
Genetically Optimized ANFIS-based PID Controller Design for Posture-Stabilization of Self-Balancing-Robots under Depleting Battery Conditions PDF
Omer Saleem Bhatti, Mohsin Rizwan, Panos S. Shiokolas, Babar Ali 22-33
Fast parameter identification of permanent magnet synchronous motor for electric vehicles PDF
qinmu wu, Xiaoyan Li, Mei Zhang, Likun Pang, Jiahao Li 34-42
A new technique based on 3D convolutional neural networks and filtering optical flow maps for action classification in infrared video PDF
Abdelmalek khebli, Hocine Meglouli, Layachi Bentabet, Mohamed Airouche 43-50
ZVS Asymmetrical PWM Full-bridge High Voltage Gain DC-DC Converter Controlled by ANFIS for Energy Harvesting Applications PDF
Marikkannan A, Manikandan B.V, Mahesh Kumar K 51-58
An Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm based Harmonic control for Multilevel Inverter PDF
Ganapathy Subramanyam, Balasingh Moses M, barsana banu 59-70
Hardware In Loop Cosimulation of LMS Algorithm for Shunt Active Filter to Mitigate Harmonics and Reactive Power - Xilinx System Generator Approach PDF
Sriranjani Ramakrishnan 71-79