Vol 20, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents


A New Approach of State estimation of Linear Discrete Systems PDF
Elham Aljuwaiser, Ragia Badr, Mohamed Fahim Hassan 3-13
Stability Analysis of Fractional Order Multiple Linear Uncertain Systems: Exposed Edge Sampling Approach PDF
Bilal SENOL, Abdullah ATES, Baykant ALAGOZ, Celaleddin YEROGLU 14-21
Lyapunov-Based Nonlinear Disturbance Observer for n-Links Flexible Joint Robot Manipulators PDF
Amin Nikoobin, Atefeh Habibollahi, Abbas Dideban 22-32
Fractional approaches based on fractional prefilters in MIMO path tracking design PDF
Najah Yousfi, Pierre Melchior, Patrick Lanusse, Nabil Derbel 33-41
Controller with time-delay to stabilize first-order processes with dead-time PDF
Raul Villafuerte-Segura 42-50
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Robust Path Tracking: Generalized Super-Twisting Algorithm and Block Backstepping Controllers PDF
Jesus Guerrero, Jorge Torres, Elba Antonio, Eduardo Campos 51-63
Combined strategy for control of interaction force between manipulator and flexible environment PDF
Piotr Gierlak 64-75
Optimal Fuzzy Controller: Rule Base Optimized Generation PDF
Musa O Abdalla 76-86
Adaptive Collaborative Position Control of a Tendon-Driven Robotic Finger PDF
Omer Saleem Bhatti 87-99
Synchrophasing control of turboprop driven aircraft based on tuned ADRC PDF
Long SHENG, Felix MORA CAMINO, Xianghua HUANG 100-108