Vol 19, No 4 (2017)

Table of Contents


Delay Dependent Stability Criteria a Stabilization for Discrete-Time Syste Via Three Terms approximation PDF
Hicham EL aiss 3-12
A Filtered Predictive PI Controller for WirelessHART Networked Control System PDF
Sabo Miya Hassan, Rosdiazli Ibrahim, Nordin Saad, Vijanth Sagayan Asirvadam, Tran Duc Chung 13-24
Enhancement of Fourier Image Watermarking Robustness PDF
Rabia RIAD, Frédéric Ros, Rachid Harba, Hassan Douzi, Mohamed Elhajji 25-33
A Stochastic Single Machine-Infinite Bus System in Non-linear Filtering Contexts PDF
Ravish H. Hirpara, Shambhu N. Sharma 34-42
Multiple model bank selection based on a new validity criterion PDF
Ali Zribi 43-51
Heat transport modelling and adaptive model predictive temperature control of the direct current plasma nitriding process performed in a linear non-isotherm plasma reactor PDF
Nimrod Denes Kutasi, Emod Filep, Lajos Kenez 52-60
Indirect-based Approach for Optimal Swing up and Stabilization of a Single Inverted Pendulum with Experimental Validation PDF
Amin Nikoobin, Ebrahim Shahab, Ali Ghoddosian 61-71
A Semantic Wiki Approach to Enable Behaviour Driven Requirements Management PDF
Catarina Lucena 72-83
Robust H? Control for Sampled-data Dynamic Positioning Ships PDF
Minjie Zheng, Yujie Zhou, Shenhua Yang, Yongfeng Suo, Lina Li 84-92
Design of Fuzzy Expert System for Evaluation of Contemporary User Authentication Methods Intended for Mobile Devices PDF
Dragan Korac, Dejan Simi? 93-100
An Experimental Study on Model Reference Adaptive Control with Fractional Order Adjustment Rules for DC Rotor Control PDF
Gurkan Kavuran, Abdullah Ates, Baris Baykant Alagoz, Celaleddin Yeroglu 101-111
Nonlinear Controller for Trajectory Tracking of a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor PDF
Romina Belen Suvire 112-121