Vol 13, No 3 (2011)

Table of Contents


Cyber-Physical Systems - New Challenges for Science and Technology PDF
Ioan Dumitrache 3-4
Transforming Non-autonomous Systems to P-normal Forms: an Approach to Reduce the Computation Loads of Cyber-Physical Systems PDF
Duan Zhang, Xiongxiong He 5-11
A Heterogeneous Agent Network Model and its Synchronization Analysis PDF
Lei Wang, Xiang-Jie Kong 12-17
An Online Algorithm for Support Vector Machine Based on Subgradient Projection PDF
Hua Liu, Zonghai Sun 18-24
Autonomous Homing of Parafoil and Payload System Based on ADRC PDF
Liang Jiao, Qinglin Sun, Xiaofeng Kang, Zengqiang Chen, Zhongxin Liu 25-31
A Coning Compensation Algorithm for SINS in High Dynamic Motion PDF
Longhua Ma, Zongtao Li, Tiejun Wu 32-40
Real-Time Scheduling in Cyber-Physical Systems PDF
Yanwen Chen, Yixiang Chen 41-50
Embedded Remote Video Surveillance System Based on ARM PDF
Fang Mei, Xuanjing Shen, Haipeng Chen, Yingda Lv 51-57
SINS/GPS Integrated Navigation System Using an Improved Particle Filter based on State Reconstruction PDF
Longhua Ma, Bo Guan 58-64
A Short-term Traffic Flow Intelligent Hybrid Forecasting Model and Its Application PDF
Guojiang Shen, Xiangjie Kong, Xiang Chen 65-73
Real-Time Performance Analysis of Infrastructure-based IEEE 802.11 Distributed Coordination Function PDF
Feng Xia, Ruixia Gao, Linqiang Wang, Ruonan Hao 74-81
Coverage Optimizing of Cyber-Physical System for Coal Mine Fire Detection PDF
Yanming Wang, Deming Wang, Guoqing Shi, Xiaoxing Zhong 82-86
Energy-aware Stochastic Control of Two-hop Routing in Networked Cyber Physical System PDF
Ya-hui Wu, Su Deng, Hong-bin Huang, Zhen Liu, Yi-qi Deng 87-94
Energy-Efficient and Reliable Wireless Message Scheduling for Mission-Critical Cyber Physical Systems PDF
Wei Jiang, Jinyu Zhan, Zhengwei Chang, Nan Sang 95-100
A Secured Health Care Application Architecture for Cyber-Physical Systems PDF
Jin Wang, Hassan Abid, Sungyoung Lee, Lei Shu, Feng Xia 101-108