Vol 12, No 4 (2010)

Table of Contents


Two Design Procedures for a Time-Delay Control System PDF
V. Cartoaje, A.S. Baiesu 3-9
Open manufacturing control with agile reconfiguring of resource services PDF
Th. Borangiu, S. Raileanu, D. Trentesaux, T. Berger 10-17
Mobile Robots Path Planning With Heuristic Search PDF
Radu Robotin, Gheorghe Lazea, Petru Dobra 18-23
Improved Personal Identification Method Based on Partial Fingerprints PDF
Radu Miron, Tiberiu Letia 24-29
Increasing Reliability of Web Services PDF
Cezar Toader 30-35
3D Wing Model Analysis for Flutter Active Control PDF
Eliza Munteanu 36-42
A new architectural approach for dynamic adaptation of components-based software using multi agent system PDF
Chouarfia Abdallah, Bouziane Hafida 43-50
Temperature Simulation In The Furnace With Hearth, Using Taylor Series PDF
Vlad Muresan, Mihail Abrudean 51-59