Vol 12, No 3 (2010)

Table of Contents


Stability Bounds for Fuzzy Estimation and Control PDF
Zs. Lendek, R. Babuska, B. De Schutter 3-12
Improving the wind speed estimation algorithms using results obtained in the field PDF
C. Vigu, D.I. Gota, D. Capatana 13-17
Simulation of 2-D Linear Array Transducers and Beam Profile Used in Echolocation PDF
Luminita Moraru, Laura Onose, Ana-Maria Chiselev 18-22
Improving Classification with Support Vector Machines PDF
Maria Muntean, Honoriu Valean, Ioan Ileana, Corina Rotar 23-33
GPU cards as a low cost solution for efficient and fast classification of high dimensional gene expression datasets PDF
A. Benso, S. Di Carlo, G. Politano, A. Savino, A. Scionti 34-40
Multiagent Approach for Cancer Automated Registration PDF
Teodora Sanislav, Dorina Capatina, Adina Stoian, Ioan Stoian 41-46
Distributed Security in Multi-Agent Systems PDF
George Dan Mois, Stelian Flonta, Iulia Stefan, Szilard Enyedi, Liviu Cristian Miclea 47-51
Federative SCADA-Solution for Evolving Critical Systems PDF
I. Stoian, E. Stancel, S. Ignat, Sz. Balogh 52-58
Modeling and Trajectory Tracking Control of a 2-DOF Vision Based Inverted Pendulum PDF
Haoping Wang, Christian Vasseur, Vladan Koncar, Afzal Chamroo, Nicolai Christov 59-66
Coordinate transformations and stabilization of some switched control systems with application to hydrostatic electrohydraulic servoactuators PDF
S. Balea, A. Halanay, I. Ursu 67-72