Vol 12, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents


The next generation of Cyber-Physical Systems PDF
Ioan Dumitrache 3-4
Delay-Independent Stabilization of Linear Discrete-Time Systems with Uncertain Delay PDF
Bogdan Dumitrescu 5-9
Non-minimal Spectral Factorization of a Descriptor System PDF
Cristian Oara, Cristian Flutur 10-16
Cost optimal scheduling in an agro-food production workshop PDF
Fatma Tangour, Pierre Borne, Mohamed Benrejeb 17-21
Diagnosis of Transition Processes in the Ocean-Atmosphere System PDF
Vladimir Yu. Soldatov, Costica Nitu, Vladimir F. Krapivin 22-29
Lidar and Vision Based People Detection and Tracking PDF
L. Tamas, M. Popa, Gh. Lazea, I. Szoke, A. Majdik 30-35
Control Strategies of the 13C Cryogenic Separation Column PDF
Cristina Ioana Pop, Eva Henrietta Dulf 36-43
Statistical approach to GPS positioning of mobile robot PDF
Ladislav Jurisica, Anton Vitko, Frantisek Duchon, Dusan Kastan 44-51
Control solutions for processes with large load variations PDF
Ciprian Lupu, Alexandru Ticlea, Andreea Udrea, Catalin Petrescu, Dumitru Popescu 52-57