Journal of Control Engineering and Applied Informatics

Journal of Control Engineering and Applied Informatics

ISSN 1454-8658

ISI Impact Factor of our journal is 0.9.

The Journal is promoting theoretical and practical results in a large research field of Control Engineering and Technical Informatics. It has been published since 1999 under the Romanian Society of Control Engineering and Technical Informatics coordination, in its quality of IFAC Romanian National Member Organization and it appears quarterly.

Each issue has up to 12 papers from various areas such as control theory, computer engineering, and applied informatics. Basic topics included in our Journal since 1999 have been time-invariant control systems, including robustness, stability, time delay aspects; advanced control strategies, including adaptive, predictive, nonlinear, intelligent, multi-model techniques; intelligent control techniques such as fuzzy, neural, genetic algorithms, and expert systems; and discrete event and hybrid systems, networks and embedded systems; cyber-physical systems; machine learning; network control systems; intelligent systems; artificial intelligence; bio-medical engineering; biotechnology. Application areas covered have been environmental engineering, power systems, biomedical engineering, industrial and mobile robotics, and manufacturing.

Besides articles, this publication contains book views, correspondence and announcement regarding major scientific events organized in the area of Control Engineering and Technical Informatics, as well as PhD thesis presentations.

The Journal is supporting a forum for both theoretical and applied aspects of control and information technology and is elaborated in two versions: a theoretical version, including original papers whose contents has never been published before, and a version including papers of applicative quality, relevant for their technological contents and aiming at practical results. An important part of the mission of the Journal is to promote the C3 paradigm: computers and communications for control. A recent interest of the Journal consists in inclusion of cognitive techniques for achieving intelligent control under the C4 (C3+cognition) paradigm.

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Special Issue on Machine Learning and Big Data in Control Systems  
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Publication Fees and payment details: Considering the expenses incurred by the editorial process and in order to ensure Open Access facilities of the Journal, the Editorial Board has established a publication fee of 300 EURO for each accepted paper, starting from 10.12.2015. The bank commission is supported by the authors.

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Vol 26, No 1 (2024)

Table of Contents


Comparative Analysis of Dual Source DC/DC converter Topologies for Improved Performance in Integration of Hybrid Energy Sources PDF
Hamsa Varthini 3-14
Performance Analysis of Front-end Push-Pull Converter in a Single-Phase Inverter for Battery Current Ripple Reduction PDF
R Jeyaraman, C. N Ravi 15-24
Virtual navigation of mobile robot in V-REP using hybrid ANFIS-PSO controller PDF
BRAHAMI Amal 25-35
Static Wheels in Fast Sieves PDF
Mircea Ghidarcea, Decebal Popescu 36-43
Design of a Database and Modules for IoT-Based Data Exchange in Herd Management Systems PDF
Kamil Aykutalp GÜNDÜZ, Fatih BASC?FTC? 44-52
Adaptive Finite-time Attitude Tracking Control for Solar Sail with State-dependent Torque Saturation PDF
Liping Wu, Lu Wang, Zhihao Zhu 53-63
D-Resnet: Deep Resnet based approach for ECG classification PDF
Sahar Boulkaboul, Samira Bouchama, Syfax Kasser, Belkacem Ait Si Ali 64-71
Multi-Grained feature aggregation based on Transformer for unsupervised person re-identification PDF
Zhongmin Liu, Changkai Zhang 72-82
Fault Detection Method based on Incrementable Laplacian Eigenmaps and Normal Space PDF
Liwei Feng, Yu Xing, Shaofeng Guo, Yifei Wu, Guozhu Wang, Yuan Li 83-92
Design and Implementation of a Prototype Sunflower-Type Photovoltaic System PDF
Javier Eduardo Martinez Baquero, Walter Naranjo Lourido, Luis Alberto Contreras Acosta, Wilver Stivenson Arana Pérez 93-102