Simulation of 2-D Linear Array Transducers and Beam Profile Used in Echolocation

Luminita Moraru, Laura Onose, Ana-Maria Chiselev


The reason for using sonar for mobile robot navigation comes from the ultrasonic sensing capabilities of bats which use echolocation to determine their prey position. During the project "Adaptive bio-mimetic sonar heads for autonomous vehicles" we intend to employ a new material to build up broadband ultrasonic transducers featuring good adaptation to air. In this specific case it is important to achieve accurate information about the magnitude and position of the peak pressure and intensity produced by the probe. The purpose of the simulation is to analyze the emitted beam pattern from 2D-array transducers in terms of the spatial impulse response that characterizes the three-dimensional extent of the ultrasonic field. Simulation results are provided for two different linear array element numbers to evaluate the effects on the beam profile.

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