Static Wheels in Fast Sieves

Mircea Ghidarcea, Decebal Popescu


Prime numbers sieving is not anymore a topic of interest for the IT specialists and,besides some commendable open source efforts, practically nobody tries to advance the domain(Ghidarcea and Popescu, 2023) - despite all hardware progress, even today we are not capableto generate all primes up to 264 in practical time .This article deals with fast sieves based on the classic Sieve of Eratosthenes, introducing aninnovative approach for using the static wheels that has the potential to surpass the fastestalgorithms known so far. It then tries to generalize the new method and demonstrates its realpotential by benchmarking it against the best performing sieve implementation we are ware of,the ultra-refined Primesieve, showing it can outperform it.

DOI: 10.61416/ceai.v26i1.8860


Prime numbers sieving; Prime number generation; Algorithms; Algorithm optimization; Parallel algorithms

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