Adaptive Finite-time Attitude Tracking Control for Solar Sail with State-dependent Torque Saturation

Liping Wu, Lu Wang, Zhihao Zhu


This paper aims to investigate a quick attitude tracking control strategy for a solar sail equipped with sliding masses (SM) and roll stabilized bar (RSB) in presence of uncertain inertia, unknown disturbance, actuator saturation, and couplings between control torque and attitude angles.  The state-dependent saturation of the attitude control torque is proposed to deal with the couplings between control torque and attitude angles. A novel adaptive finite-time control law is proposed to obtain quick attitude tracking, where two novel adaptive control variables are designed to compensate the uncertain inertia, the unknown disturbance, and the state-dependent torque saturation. Compared to traditional attitude controller for solar sail, the proposed control strategy has the advantages of guaranteeing the success of actuator allocations by considering the torque constraints and of making full use of the saturated torque for quick attitude tracking.The effectiveness of the proposed control strategy is shown in a Sun-line tracking mission via simulation.

DOI: 10.61416/ceai.v26i1.8800


Solar sail; Attitude control; State-dependent torque saturation; Finite-time control.

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