Design and Implementation of a Prototype Sunflower-Type Photovoltaic System

Javier Eduardo Martinez Baquero, Walter Naranjo Lourido, Luis Alberto Contreras Acosta, Wilver Stivenson Arana Pérez


This paper presents the design of a prototype sunflower-type photovoltaic system with linear PID control for maximizing solar radiation collection. The design process begins with developing a sensing system comprising three key components, transduction of the physical variable into an electrical signal, conditioning the electrical signal for microcontroller Reading, the corresponding processing algorithm. Subsequently, two PID controllers are designed and implemented to position the photovoltaic system at an orthogonal angle relative to solar radiation. Based on the results, it is concluded that the sensing system enables achieving the optimal solar radiation collection angle for the sunflower photovoltaic system. Even with multiple light energy sources, the system searches for the ideal angular positioning to maximize the incidence of light energy. Additionally, the designed PID controller demonstrates a stable response to input changes or external disturbances, enhancing the prototype's accuracy, stability, and speed.

DOI: 10.61416/ceai.v26i1.8676


Angular positioning; PID control; Prototype sunflower; Solar radiation; Solar tracker.

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