Design of a Database and Modules for IoT-Based Data Exchange in Herd Management Systems

Kamil Aykutalp GÜNDÜZ, Fatih BASC?FTC?


Monitoring and recording the movements of cattle in their own environment with the human eye is one of the most challenging tasks. Labeling this type of movement in animals that usually act according to their habits and conveying them to the authorized veterinarians is difficult. Herd tracking systems are constantly being developed to record and interpret animal behavior and to make early diagnosis against diseases. Certain symptoms can be detected by monitoring the animals' behavior during the day for long periods of time or by monitoring their abnormal behavior and bodily discharge (spit, feces, sweat, etc.).  Biosensors are devices that transform physical and behavioral bodily responses in animals with electronic signals. Real-time monitoring and assessing herd management is essential for increasing productivity and animal welfare in animal husbandry. Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that is in frequent use and provides remarkable solutions for such systems. This study introduces a system solution that, in addition to having all the features that should be present in a herd management system, is compatible with IoT technology that can be attached to the bodies of the cattle, logs the data from biosensors in the system via wireless communication, presents the data to the user graphically, and can be monitored over the web. IoT-aided microcontrollers provide wireless communication, high-speed data transmission, and low power consumption. The system offers a solution that allows for real-time data monitoring and establishing a control system.

DOI: 10.61416/ceai.v26i1.8454


Animal monitoring, tracking, internet of things, herd management, productivity

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