A Design Approach to FDI/FTC of Complex Networked Control Systems

J. Sa da Costa, B. M. S. Santos, M. J.G.C. Mendes


The design of fault tolerant control (FTC) systems for large-scale complex networked
control systems (NCS) is a difficult task due to the large number of sensors and actuators spatially
distributed and networked connected. Despite the research effort on developing FTC systems most
of these developments are designed globally leading to centralized FTC solutions inadequate to
NCS. In this paper we present the first version of a toolbox based on multi-agent systems to design
FTC systems for large-scale complex NCS. This toolbox is based on a decentralized FTC of NCS
which relies on causal graph partitioning of the NCS digraph model and on intelligent distributed
computing using multi-agents systems.

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