A New Efficient Checkpointing Algorithm for Distributed Mobile Computing

Houssem Mansouri, Nadjib Badache, Makhlouf Aliouat, Al-Sakib Khan Pathan


Mobile networks have been quickly adopted by many companies and individuals due to their flexibility of use. However, multiple factors such as mobility and limited resources often put constraints on availability and thus cause instability of the wireless environment which poses serious challenge for fault tolerant distributed mobile applications. Therefore, the classical checkpointing techniques that enable the applications with capabilities to resist to failures are not always convenient in the mobile context. In fact, it is necessary now to think about other techniques or at least adapt those to devise effective and well suited techniques for the mobile environment. Considering this issue, our contribution in this paper is a proposal of a new checkpointing algorithm suitable for mobile computing systems. This algorithm is characterized by its efficiency and optimization in terms of incurred time-space overhead during checkpointing process and normal application running.



Distributed mobile computing, Fault tolerance, Consistent global state, Coordinated checkpointing.

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