A comparative study of 3? SAPF with Different reference current generation

jeraldine viji


In this paper three phase shunt active filter (SAF) with a control algorithm of unit vector template method is compared with power synchronous detection for reference current generation. For gate pulse generation modulated hysteresis current controller is used. The capacitor voltage is maintained constant by using PI controller. The current waveform injected by the active filter is able to compensate the reactive power and the load current harmonics and to balance asymmetrical loads. The active filter is designed in PSIM software and control of active filter is done in Simulink environment. PSIM and MATLAB software is linked by Sim coupler. Simulation results with PSIM software show that the designed active filter is very effective in improvement of quality of power.


Active filter, Modulated hysteresis current control, Power synchronous detection (PSD), Unit vector template, Current harmonics, Pulse width modulation, PSIM software.

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