Publication Fees

Publication Fees and payment details:

Considering the expenses incurred by the editorial process and in order to ensure Open Access facilities of the Journal, the Editorial Board has established a publication fee of 300 EURO  for each accepted paper, starting from 10.12.2015. The bank commission is supported by the authors.

Payment options:

1.  RO 39RNCB0077050232580001 -  for payments in Romanian currency (LEI)

2.  RO 98RNCB0077050232580006 - for payments in US$

3.  RO 71RNCB0077050232580007  - for payments in Euros

Bank details:

Acount owner: SRAIT (Societatea Romana de Automatica si Informatica Tehnica)

Name: Banca Comerciala Romana - BCR Erste Group

Address: Bucharest, 5 Regina Elisabeta Bvd, Postal Code 030016, Sector 3


BIC code: RNCB


Mailing address: Control Engineering and Applied Informatics Journal, SRAIT - Office, ED Building, "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Faculty of Automation and Computer Science

Address: 313 Splaiul Independentei, Sector 6, 060042 Bucharest, Romania.


A scanned copy of the invoice must be sent by e-mail to the corresponding editor.